Nitrogen reporting


We're here to help you with nitrogen reporting

If you're a dairy farmer, you're going to need to file your first nitrogen fertiliser report by 31 July 2022. We've highlighted the key things you need to know, and we've also created a new feature in MyBallance to help make N reporting as easy as possible.

The easist way to complete your report is to do it all through MyBallance

MyBallance makes nitrogen reporting easy

The easiest way to report your nitrogen use is through your MyBallance account using our Nitrogen limit management feature. Learn more about the reporting requirements and the new feature here.

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Nitrogen reporting FAQs

We’ve pulled together the top questions and answers about the nitrogen reporting and how to use the new MyBallance reporting feature

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A guide to the Essential Freshwater Policy

Understand what the Essential Freshwater Policy means for you with our informative toolkit to ensure your farm meets the new regulations.

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How to use MyBallance

Meet Angus, he is here to show you how easy it is to use your MyBallance account, including lots of tips and tricks.

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