Together, helping businesses grow

How Hort & Arable by Ballance can benefit your business

A team of experts who are out in the field providing an all-round service to growers and farmers

A wide range of tailored products with high granule strength, helping you get more from your orchards and arable crops

Customised product blends designed to maximise productivity and sustainability

A reliable distribution network that reaches all corners of the country


The Advantage Range has been developed with the needs of horticulture and arable in mind.

It's a suite of products tailored to the needs of New Zealand's highest performing horticulture and arable growers. The range is supported by a dedicated team of nutrient specialists with expertise in the sector, who can work with you to help create a dedicated nutrient plan. Advantage is part of Hort & Arable by Ballance, which combines our passion for farming and growing with science-based approaches.

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Explore the Advantage Range:

General Purpose
A wide range of high quality general purpose fertiliser blends, tailored to meet the demands of various crops.

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Supporting quality avocado production with advanced fertiliser blends.

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Kiwifruit based fertilisers to support boosts in productivity.

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Granular fertilisers with a balanced spread of key nutrients.

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High quality compound fertilisers that are easy to use, containing a combination of major nutrients.

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High quality micronutrients to help optimise plant health.

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Pure Organics
High quality organic fertilisers specifically created to meet the needs of New Zealand’s organic growers. The entire range is BioGro certified.

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