A down-to-earth guide to soil health


Why is soil health important?

Healthy soil provides the optimal environment for plants to access the water and nutrients they need to grow. It sounds simple, but the science behind it warrants a closer look.

Regular soil testing and monitoring helps us understand what's going on in our soil - and how we can improve it. When we get the balance right, healthy soil grows healthy food, protects our water quality and even helps minimise greenhouse gases.

Why is healthy soil important?
Ballance Nutrient Science Manager Dr Sheree Balvert explains the advantages of healthy soil

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What is physical soil health?
Knowing the relative percentages of sand, silt, and clay in your soil helps you manage it and maintain its health

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What is the role of nutrients in soil?
Healthy levels of macronutrients ensure that plants develop strong, deep roots, and soil organisms increase

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What is healthy soil biology?
Knowing the way in which soil components are grouped together to form soil structure helps you maintain its health better

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