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Who can become a shareholder?
Farmers who purchase Ballance products may wish to consider becoming shareholders in the company.

How do I become a shareholder?
To become a shareholder you must purchase a minimum of 30 shares. At our current share price of $8.10 this would be an initial outlay of $243. In addition we ask you to forecast how many tonnes of fertiliser you expect to buy in a year. This tonnage is called your quota and is used to determine how many shares you need to become a fully paid-up shareholder. This ‘required shareholding' is re-evaluated every four years and only changes if the tonnage of fertiliser used alters.

Rebate and dividend per tonne graph


What are the benefits of becoming a shareholder?
Shareholders in Ballance receive a rebate on all qualifying purchases made during each financial year. This rebate is calculated on both the volume of fertiliser purchased and the value of that product. We reward you based on both how much you buy and how much you spend. At the end of each financial year your combined rebate and dividend is calculated. If you are not fully paid-up, 70 percent of the rebate is used to buy shares; 30 percent is paid out in cash. Once you are fully paid-up, annual rebates are paid out entirely in cash. Rebates and dividends are usually paid out in August or September. 

Who do I contact for more information?
Talk to your local Ballance Nutrient Specialist today about becoming a Ballance shareholder. Alternatively, you can make an enquiry through our Contact page or phone our shareholding team on 0800 267 266.

Important information to become a Ballance shareholder:

To become a shareholder submit your completed forms to or contact us on 0800 267 266 for more information.