Once our products are manufactured they are distributed throughout New Zealand to our Ballance service centres and our network of rural merchant supply partners and consignment stores.

Our Ballance service centres, located in 43 locations throughout the country, are dedicated facilities for the storage and redistribution of fertiliser, both in bulk and bagged form. With Ballance staff on-hand to assist you, our larger centres also include mixing plants for the supply of blended product and bag storage facilities.

For farmers who need fertiliser outside of store hours or want a more convenient local option we have eight self service silos around the country. These silos are being set up around New Zealand making it easier for you to do business with us in your own time. Find out more about our silos here.

We have over 80 consignment stores located throughout New Zealand and stock a range of products to meet the main demands of farmers in those regions. The consignment stores are operated by the store-owners and are not owned by Ballance. We are also backed by a network of rural merchant supply partner, including PGG Wrightson, Farm Source, Farmlands and Ruralco.

We’re proud of the strong and trusting partnerships we’ve built and we’re committed to continuing to grow these, connecting you with the very best farming advice, new technologies, rural communities and everything in between.