Future Focused Thought Leadership

BallanceEx is our thought leadership platform. It is a place where we can connect our customers and shareholders with the research, science, resources and experts we have at our fingertips, to help them farm into the future.

This information is shared with farmers and growers in numerous ways – digitally, in the form of short informative videos and podcasts, and in national print media. Biannually, we head out around the country holding dinner speaker series in each of our nine sales regions.

BallanceEx takes many different forms but the lens is always the same – future focused – with our eyes on the horizon so that our farmers and growers can keep doing what they do best – produce world-class food and fibre for New Zealand and beyond.

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Learn more about BallanceEx below:

Future Farming Conversations podcast series

Our hosts are joined by world leading experts from diverse backgrounds. We aim to offer thought provoking and inspiring conversations that will arm you with practical ideas that you can consider integrating into your farming practices.

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Future Farming Conversations print series

Our BallanceEx Future Farming series takes a deep dive into the challenges and opportunities Kiwi farmers are experiencing today and into the future.

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BallanceEx video series

The BallanceEx video series sees members of the Ballance Innovation team interview external subject matter experts on topical issues in the food and fibre sector, such as land use diversification and greenhouse gases, to name a few.

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