Super Air

The fastest, safest way to spread fertiliser precisely where you need it

Since 1988, Super Air®, a fully owned subsidiary of Ballance Agri-Nutrients, have been leaders in agricultural aviation specialising in the fixed-wing aerial application of solid fertiliser and lime.

Super Air have the capability and technology to ensure the highest levels of accuracy possible, maximising your investment. Their nationwide fleet are industry leading, and specifically designed for fertiliser application, utilising state-of-the art automated aerial application and GPS technology.

With years of experience providing a safe and reliable service to thousands of farmers throughout the New Zealand, the experienced team of highly-trained pilots and ground staff are committed to accurately delivering your farm’s specific nutrient requirements.

Technology to improve your production 

SpreadSmart® combines GPS guidance and tracking systems with digital farm mapping to automate the aircraft’s hopper. This takes the guesswork out of aerial topdressing and ensures you are only fertilising the areas of your farm precisely where the nutrients are required, eliminating wastage.

SpreadSmart provides you with the economics, efficiency and speed of fixed-wing aerial fertiliser application - with the accuracy and environmental protection to make it better for your fertiliser budget, your productivity, and your land.

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