General guidelines for loading trailers


Is your load compliant?

We are committed to ensuring the safety of everyone who comes onto a Ballance site, whether it is an employee, visitor or a customer collecting product from the local service centre.

The key to safety throughout our network is identifying risks, understanding them, and then controlling them. Which is why we have developed the following guidelines, to provide you with the information needed to safely transport product home.

Trailer maximum weight guidelines

Weight guidelines can vary depending on:

  • Tow bar – unbraked rating/braked rating
  • Trailer – braked/unbraked, single axle/tandem axle, trailer dimensions, axle spacing and sprung/unsprung
  • Tow vehicle – weight and size

The following is a guide only, please always refer to manufacturers guidelines. In general, the following applies:

Trailer maximum weight guidelines

Secure your load

Your load must be correctly secured onto vehicles to prevent product moving or escaping during transport.

Secure your load


The Chain of Responsibility

We have a shared responsibility when transporting product on New Zealand roads.
The NZ Transport Agency recognises that compliance breaches by drivers can be caused or influenced by the actions of others.

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