Fertmark certification

The Fertmark programme was established in 1996 to give New Zealand farmers confidence in the quality of fertilisers and the associated advertising. Members of the Fertmark scheme must observe the Fertmark Code of Practice.

Should a company wish to have a product added to the Fertmark register, it must formally apply to the Fertmark authority. The company has to provide a list of declared values for specified nutrients (and forms of nutrients) in the product. The company's own testing programme and the Fertmark audit programme are used to ensure product compliance with these values.

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Ballance currently has the following products registered with Fertmark.

  • Cropzeal Boron Boost
  • Superten
  • Sulphurgain 30S
  • Serpentine Super
  • SurePhos
  • Sulphate of Potash
  • DAP
  • Triple Superphosphate
  • YaraBela CAN
  • YaraMila Complex
  • YaraMila ActyvaS
  • YaraLiva Nitrabor
  • YaraMila 8-11-20
  • YaraMila 12-10-10
  • Muriate of Potash (MOP)
  • Nrich SOA
  • Nrich Liquid Urea
  • SustaiN
  • Nrich Urea
  • Granular Calmag
  • Sulphugain Pure
  • PhaSedN
  • Pure RPR
  • Unika Plus
  • YaraMila Grower NZ

Ballance Fertmark registration certificate July 23