Essential Freshwater Policy


Understanding what the new policy means for you

It's important for all of us who work on the land to understand the government's new Essential Freshwater Policy. What does it mean for our farms and businesses? We've put together this information toolkit to help ensure your farm meets the new regulations.

MyBallance makes nitrogen reporting easy

The easiest way to report your nitrogen use is through your MyBallance account using our Nitrogen limit management feature. Learn more about the reporting requirements and the new feature here.

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What this means for your farm
We've broken down exactly what the N Caps mean for different farms in these short videos. The limits vary depending on whether you use pasture only, forage cropping, or cut & carry methods.

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Your nutrient efficiency toolkit
We've put together a toolkit to help you farm productively under the new regulations. From industry-leading products like SurePhos and SustaiN, to smart planning tools like My Pasture Planner.

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