Reduce nitrogen and phosphate losses with PastureSure

The ultimate combination of pasture growth and environmental stewardship

PastureSure® is a breakthrough blend of our two latest product innovations: SurePhos®, which reduces phosphate loss, and SustaiN®, which halves nitrogen volatilisation losses. This means more nutrients are retained in the soil for more efficient pasture growth.

A better choice for the future of farming

Better for the environment icon


Better for the environment
A 75%* reduction in phosphate loss is great news for the quality of our waterways.


Less water soluble icon


Less water soluble
SurePhos® is less water soluble, so it dissolves into the soil slowly over a period of months.


More flexibility icon


More flexibility
Apply in a greater range of weather conditions, without the risk that rain will wash the nutrients away.


Retains more nitrogen icon


Retains more nitrogen
50% less nitrogen is lost to the atmosphere by volatilisation, compared to standard urea.


He Waka eke Noa icon


He Waka eke Noa
Reducing nitrogen lost through volatilisation is a key nitrous oxide mitigation strategy.


Grows more grass icon


Grows more grass
Research shows SustaiN® will give you an average increase of 5% in pasture yield compared to urea.



Ready to reduce nitrogen and phosphate losses from your farm?

To make a better choice for your pasture, chat to your Ballance Nutrient Specialist about PastureSure®, or contact our team on 0800 222 090. 


PastureSure® is a blend of SurePhos® and SustaiN®, created to help you maximise pasture gains and minimise phosphate and nitrogen losses.

PastureSure® is currently only available in the North Island.

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SurePhos® is a breakthrough innovation that will change the way you use phosphate. It’s better for the soil, better for the environment, and better for the future of farming.

SurePhos® is currently only available in the North Island.

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SustaiN® is the efficient way to use nitrogen on your farm, with an innovative formula that reduces volatilisation losses by up to 50%.

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