Self Service Silo

Ballance's self service silos are being set up around New Zealand making it easier for you to do business with us in your own time. 

Farmers can go onto MyBallance 24/7, convert their SustaiN fert plan into an order, then pick up the product from the silo when they need it. This is a big step forward in enabling complete self-service for our customers. The Silo’s will quickly and conveniently dispatch anything between 0.5MT – 5MT in a single transaction.

If you are a farmer or spreader operating where our silos are located and would like to use this service then fill in the application form and return via email to


Self service silo steps to fill



Current Self Service Silo Locations 

Location Address Opening Hours
Anama Self Serve Silo 40 Anama Station Rd, RD8 Ashburton, 7778 5am - 10pm
Kokatahi Self Serve Silo Kokatahi-Kowhitirangi Intersection, Kokatahi, 7881 7am - 9pm (Mon-Fri)
7am - 6pm (Sat)
Whakamaru Self Serve Silo 106 Tihoi Rd, RD1 Mangakino, 3492

7am - 5pm (Mon-Fri)
8am - 12pm (Sat)

Winslow Self Serve Silo 605 Main South Rd, Ashburton, 7771 5am - 10pm
Wakanui Self Serve Silo 309 Wakanui Township Road, Wakanui, Ashburton 7777 5am - 10pm
Winton Self Serve Silo 35 Channel Road, Winton 9781 7am - 10pm