Ballance with Nature


If the natural world is healthy, so too are the people. Taiao ora, Tangata ora

Like you, we have Kaitiakitanga front-of-mind, ensuring our natural resources are protected for generations to come.

Our farming community is constantly adapting and evolving, to ensure we continue to thrive in the years ahead. We’re starting to see ideas from around the globe like “Regenerative Farming”, but there’s greater potential to go beyond these ideas to make a real difference to the future of farming and growing in New Zealand.

Which is why we are proud to introduce Ballance with Nature.

Ballance with Nature is our promise as your co-operative partner to ensure that we support you across seven key pillars to be future ready. It’s all about caring for and working with our natural resources, while remaining productive, guided by knowledge underpinned by science.

Here’s a look into the key principles – and you’re probably doing many of them already.

Ballance with Nature has seven key pillars:

Healthy Soil

Everything we grow and eat depends on healthy soil. Our whenua. So we’re here to help you optimise your soil, with testing tools and expert advice.

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Nutrient efficiency

Nutrients are fundamental for productive farming and growing, and we’ve got the science and tools to help you use the right products, at the right time, in the right place, at the right rate.

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Cleaner Air

We all have a part to play in protecting air quality, and our products like PastureSure and SustaiN can help reduce gaseous emissions lost to volatilisation.

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Healthy water

Protecting our waterways is important, and we’ve invested in developing innovative products like SurePhos. It gives you the pasture gains you’re after, while reducing phosphate loss by up to 75%*

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Animal care

Just as we have a deep connection to caring for our environment, we also care deeply for animals. Talk to our team about our range of micronutrients for optimal plant and animal health

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Native Biodiversity

We can all help our native flora and fauna to thrive when we provide spaces to preserve them within their natural environment.

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Resource Utilisation

We’ll work with you to create a plan to get the best out of your land. Tools like MitAgator can give you confidence that you’re using your natural resources for their best purpose.

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Ballance with Nature

At Ballance, we see the potential to make a real difference to the future of farming and growing in New Zealand. Which is why we are proud to introduce Ballance with Nature.

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With Nature conversations

Farmers and growers throughout New Zealand are doing some incredible things to optimise their natural resources and protect them for generations to come.

We've been meeting farmers across the country, celebrating success stories and sharing ideas.

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