Ballance scholarships

Each year we offer up to four scholarships to provide a financial boost to students wanting to help shape the future of New Zealand's agricultural sector.


Every year we offer up to four Ballance scholarships valued at $4000 each, to provide a financial boost to students wanting to help shape the future of New Zealand’s agricultural industry.

Because we’re always looking toward the future, we’re looking to attract and support curious minds and talent from a range of fields of study - so New Zealand’s agribusiness sector can continue to lead the world in best practice and innovation.

The scholarships are to subsidise study at a tertiary level in any field related to agri-business or the primary sector - but aren’t limited to on-farm and farm advisory roles. There are a wealth of opportunities to shape the future of New Zealand’s food production across a range of professions including food science, through to patent law, accounting and chemical engineering.

Scholarship applications are open to all New Zealanders, of any age - and the scholarship can be held for up to three years.

Our 2022 scholarship winners

Ffion White: Three Year Scholarship
Ffion is studying a Bachelor of Agricultural Science at Massey University. Ffion loves the agricultural industry and would like to have a positive impact on it by working alongside farmers to maximise their production and profit while taking care of the environment and their stock.
Tom McFetridge: Three Year Scholarship
Tom is studying a Bachelor of Applied Science, majoring in Agricultural Innovation and a minor in Marketing at the University of Otago. Tom would like to focus his time at university on alternative systems that have a greater emphasis on the environment ad sustainability. Tom’s long term goal is to help grow and strengthen relationships with overseas buyers that adds value to the New Zealand’s Primary Industries.
Brehana Venimore: Two Year Scholarship
Brehana is in her second year of studying a Bachelor of Agribusiness at the University of Waikato. Post-graduation Brehana aspires to help grow efficiency in the agricultural industry by innovating and adopting new technologies and processes into all aspects of agriculture to cultivate increased efficiency. Brehana’s ambition is to work alongside an agricultural organisation to strengthen New Zealand’s success.
Josh Black: Two Year Scholarship
Josh has just completed two years at Smedley Station as a cadet and is now enrolled at Lincoln University to complete a Diploma in Agriculture followed by a Diploma in Farm Management. While at university Josh would like to learn the technical section of farm management including feed budgeting, financial budgeting, setting financial goals and learning how to understand and interpret the changing market. Josh has a long term goal to own a successful high performing sheep and beef farm.
Saskia Johns: One Year Scholarship
Saskia is in her third year at Massey University studying a Bachelor of Veterinary Science. Post-graduation Saskia would like to work in a rural, mixed-practice veterinary clinic and aims to help farmers improve their production wherever possible, with a focus on prevention rather than treatment. Saskia hopes that working with farmers and continuing to add improvements in efficiencies and sustainability, the perceived value of NZ agricultural products worldwide will only increase, further adding to the success of NZ exports.
Angus Stewart: One Year Scholarship
Angus is studying a Bachelor of Agricultural commerce at Lincoln University. Once Angus has graduated, he is wanting to work in the agriculture industry both on farm and supporting the agri-sector. Angus would like to encourage and support a future in the agriculture industry that will promote a sustainable future for New Zealand farmers to be leaders in the industry worldwide.