Don't leave your key players on the sidelines

Set your farm up for a successful season, with NutriMax micronutrients.

Many New Zealand soils are deficient in the micronutrients vital for optimum soil fertility. NutriMax allows you to optimise your soil and animal health enabling you to be more productive and sustainable. It’s as simple as adding them to your spring fertiliser application.

Ballance with Nature - Animal health

Optimise your soil fertility in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Book a herbage test with your local Nutrient Specialist. Step 2: Review and optimise your fertiliser plan. Step 3: Simply add NutriMax to your next fertiliser application.

Introducing the five key micronutrient players that can optimise your soil fertility this season:

Boost beet and brassica growth and quality.

Boron is essential for the healthy formation of brassicas, legumes, fruit and seed crops.

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Boost health and productivity.

Selenium is an essential nutrient for human health, and also helps stock fertility, growth and milk production.

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Boost animal and plant health

Copper promotes fertility, joint health, bone strength and immunity to disease. In plants, copper ensures healthy growth rates and enzyme production.

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Boost clover growth

Molybdenum increases clover and lucerne production, and is an excellent source of high quality feed for stock.

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Boost animal growth and productivity
Cobalt ensures your stock have healthy appetites and make good liveweight gains.

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Herbage Test

Get in touch with our Customer Services Team on 0800 222 090 or your Nutrient Specialist to book a herbage test.

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To make the best fertiliser play this season, talk to your local Nutrient Specialist today, or call our Customer Services team on 0800 222 090.