As well as supporting New Zealand farmers, Ballance also supplies products to a range of industrial businesses.

Urea, either imported or manufactured at the company’s plant at Kapuni, is used in the production of formaldehyde based resins, a key ingredient in the manufacture of particleboard and MDF.

In addition, an extremely high purity urea solution is used to produce GoClear at the Kapuni plant. GoClear is an exhaust system additive and scrubbing agent that reduces harmful nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions from diesel engines, breaking the NOx down into harmless water vapour and nitrogen gas. GoClear is produced to the international standard specifications demanded by modern diesel truck manufacturers around the world.

Other products important to non-farming industries include ammonia, used as a refrigerant; sulphuric acid used in the dairy, pulp and paper and power generation industries and liquid alum and hydrofluosilicic acid, both used in water treatment processes.