SustaiN® reduces the amount of nitrogen lost to the atmosphere by 50%, compared to standard urea. 

SustaiN is a granular urea product, coated in AGROTAIN®: a patented nitrogen stabiliser.

This means SustaiN provides a more effective use of nitrogen for your pasture or crops, one of the most important nutrients for plant growth.

SustaiN can be used all year around, with no need to wait for rainfall.

Apply less but grow more, for better returns

  • Achieve higher yields from the same amount of applied nitrogen
  • Research shows, over a wide range of conditions, applying SustaiN provides a 5% higher pasture yield than if standard urea was used

Ease of use

  • SustaiN is suitable for a variety of conditions, with no need to wait for 10mm of rainfall within 8 hours of application

Supports sustainability

  • 50% less nitrogen lost to the atmosphere as ammonia gas*

Directions for use

For more information about using SustaiN for the best results, contact your Nutrient Specialist or the Ballance Customer Services team on 0800 222 090.


*Halves the amount of nitrogen lost as ammonia, compared to urea.

N 45.9
P 0.0
K 0.0
S 0.0
Mg 0.0
Ca 0.0

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