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The Future Farming Conversations are proudly brought to you by BallanceEx and hosted by dairy farmer Tangaroa Walker.

What is BallanceEx? It’s our “Ted-Ex”- inspired platform that brings together experts, scientists, and other big thinkers. They share their expertise and points of view, getting us ready for the future of farming and growing in New Zealand.

Our BallanceEx Future Farming series will take a deep dive into the challenges and opportunities Kiwi farmers are experiencing today and into the future.

Host Tangaroa Walker is joined by world leading experts from diverse backgrounds, we aim to offer thought provoking and inspiring conversations that will arm you with practical ideas you can consider integrating into your farming practices. We hope these talks will reassure you that your current approach is setting you up for success, or inspire you to move forward with an idea you already have in the hopper.

It’s all part of Ballance’s commitment to helping you farm productively and sustainably, and to empower Kiwis to keep pace as global leaders in farming.

Podcasts in this series

BallanceEx Future Farming with Tangaroa Walker

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The future of food

With climate change and global consumer demand for more choice, we are seeing food producers innovate and diversify their offering. This creates exciting opportunities – and plenty of questions too! Is lab-grown meat a better choice?

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The future of animal care

We know you care about your animals, you provide for them each day to ensure they are healthy. Healthy animals are productive animals. As science and technology allows us further insight into what is an optimal healthy animal – physically and behaviourly – what does this mean for how we farm?

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Maintaining New Zealand’s leadership in sustainable food production

Between climate change, import/export disruptions, and having more people to feed, maintaining food production on both a local and global scale has its challenges. But Kiwi farmers are resilient, known for tackling challenges head on and finding smart solutions, as well as opportunities.

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Greenhouse Gases: a closer look at the science

What even are greenhouse gases? What exactly is the issue with them, and what can farmers and growers do to reduce them? In this episode of BallanceEx Future Farming, we break down exactly what you need to know when it comes to greenhouse gases. Where and how they’re formed, where they go...and more

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Understanding land use diversification

Farmers and growers are increasingly looking to change the way they use their land in order to improve both profitability and their impact on the environment. But how do they find the best opportunities, and where can they learn how to use their land in different ways?

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Ballance with Nature

Making it easy for you to care for and protect your natural resources. If the natural world is healthy, so too are the people. Taiao ora, Tangata ora.

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