Spring success relies on autumn sulphur

Optimise your productivity with an effective application of sulphur (S) in Autumn.  

Designed for New Zealand farming conditions, Sulphurgain is the easy way to set up for success in spring. The Sulphurgain range contains fine elemental sulphur, which is resistant to leaching, so it can be applied in autumn, and it will still be present in the soil as a source of sulphur in spring. 

Four key benefits of Sulphurgain 

Addresses immediate sulphur needs: Sulphurgain (except Sulphurgain 90S) contains sulphate sulphur which is immediately available for plant uptake and will meet short-term plant requirements.  

Meets long-term sulphur requirements: Elemental sulphur is slowly converted to sulphate sulphur. Elemental sulphur is resistant to leaching, so it can be applied in autumn, and it will still be present in the soil as a source of sulphur in spring.  

Provides maintenance phosphorus: With the exception of Sulphurgain 90S, all of the Sulphurgain products provide soluble phosphate. In many cases, extensive hill country farming operations, this will be sufficient to maintain soil phosphorus levels. 

Ideal complementary fertiliser: Sulphurgain can be a complementary fertiliser in dairy effluent areas where nitrogen (N), potassium (K) and some phosphorus (P) are applied with effluent.

Why focus on sulphur in autumn? 

Having the right sulphur levels will lead to more fertile soils and allow plants to uptake other nutrients more efficiently. Most New Zealand soils are naturally deficient in sulphur (S) so an effective application of Sulphurgain in autumn can ensure your spring growth isn’t limited. 

There are two forms of sulphur to consider.  

  • Sulphate S is soluble and readily plant-available – ideal for immediate uptake. Sulphate is vulnerable to leaching from the soil in wet free draining conditions.  
  • Elemental S cannot immediately be taken up by plants. Once it is in the soil, bacteria gradually convert it into sulphate sulphur. The speed of this change is affected by temperature, rainfall and the size of the elemental S particles.  

Sulphurgain products (except Sulphurgain 90S) contains both elemental sulphur and sulphate sulphur and can be blended with potash and trace elements to meet farm specific needs. 

ProductElemental SSulphate S
Sulphurgain 15S30%70%
Sulphurgain 20S50%50%
Sulphurgain 30S70%30%
Sulphurgain 90S100%0%

Contact your local Ballance Nutrient Specialist to set up for success in spring. 

The Sulphurgain range:

Sulphurgain 15S
Address the immediate sulphur needs of your pasture with Sulphurgain 15S. Combining sulphate sulphur and elemental sulphur, Sulphurgain 15S provides both rapidly available sulphur for your pasture, as well as elemental sulphur to support future growth.

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Sulphurgain 20S
Sulphurgain 20S is ideal choice for farms where light rates of phosphorus are required in addition to immediate and long-term sulphur. Sulphurgain 20S contains equal amounts of elemental and sulphate sulphur, it provides both immediately available sulphur and a longer-lasting source of sulphur to support future pasture growth.

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Sulphurgain 30S
Meet your sulphur requirements in situations where phosphorus is not limiting production with Sulphurgain 30S. Ideal for areas where relatively low rates of phosphorus are required Such as on sheep and beef country with developed land or also dairy effluent areas. The high proportion of elemental sulphur will minimise sulphur leaching loses.

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Sulphurgain 90S
Sulphurgain 90S is a sulphur-bentonite pellet containing a high concentration of fine elemental sulphur. It is formulated for use in combination with other fertilisers to fortify their sulphur content. As part of a blend, Sulphurgain 90S is particularly suited to use on hill country farms and may be applied at any time of the year providing long lasting sulphur for your soils.

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