Sulphurgain 15S

Address the immediate sulphur needs of your pasture with Sulphurgain 15S.

The concentration of sulphate sulphur in Sulphurgain 15S provides rapidly available sulphur for your pasture*. In addition, the elemental sulphur component supports future grass growth by supplying longer term sulphur, present long after Autumn or persistent Winter rain.

Sulphurgain 15S is suitable for farms where light rates of phosphorus are required to maintain sufficient levels in the soil.

Ideal for in-land farming environments

  • Particularly effective on farms where there is little sulphur from ocean spray
  • Suitable for sheep and beef farms
  • Useful on farms with sedimentary soil.

High quality and locally made

  • Manufactured in New Zealand, using local and imported ingredients
  • Fertmark registered, providing assurance of its quality.


  • Can be blended with potash and trace elements to meet specific farming needs
  • Can be applied in Autumn, and sulphur will still be present in the soil in Spring
  • Apply Sulphurgain 15S at 200kg/ha to 250kg/ha
  • May also be used as a general-purpose fertiliser.

Directions for use

For more information about using Sulphurgain 15S for the best results, contact your Nutrient Specialist or the Ballance Customer Services team on 0800 222 090.

*When growing conditions are good

N 0.0
P 8.55
K 0.0
S 15.23
Mg 0.0
Ca 20.99

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$447.00/ T (ex GST)

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