The value of pasture quality and quantity

Understanding the value of feed you are giving to livestock will ensure you are giving them the nutrition that they need.

A major limitation on lamb growth is the nutritional value of feed that they consume.

A lamb’s ability to grow rapidly is determined by the quality and quantity of feed it is offered, i.e a lamb is never going to grow well on a low metabolic energy feed, no matter how much they are offered.


High, medium and low value


Growing great lambs

Many factors contribute to optimal lamb growth, including;

  • Ewe body condition.
  • Ewe milking ability.
  • Pasture quality and quantity.
  • Climatic conditions.
  • Genetic ability.

If there is one weak or missing spoke in the wheel, the target 400 grams of growth per day will be missed. The best time to achieve this growth rate is from birth to weaning.

lamb growth