PhaSedN is a premium combination of SustaiN, fine elemental sulphur and fine lime. PhaSedN is a unique autumn fertiliser that boosts pasture growth on either side of winter.

The SustaiN provides nitrogen for an immediate autumn boost while the fine elemental sulphur remains in the soil over winter and releases in early spring to support growth at a key time of year.

Ideal for low sulphur soils, high rainfall areas where there’s a risk of sulphur leaching, areas high in phosphate but low in sulphur and nitrogen or effluent blocks requiring tactical nitrogen and sulphur.

Product Benefits

  • A single application of two key nutrients (N & S) in one granule
  • Fine elemental sulphur that does not leach. The elemental sulphur is present as very fine particles, which means faster release for plant uptake
  • SustaiN reduces nitrogen losses by approximately 50% meaning more nitrogen stays in the soil
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