Growing a large crop

Planting a large crop for stock feed

Plants require an adequate supply of nutrients in order to grow well. If these nutrients, particularly P and N, are placed close to the seed, then seedlings will establish strongly and rapidly. Good growth during the early part of the crop’s life-cycle plays a significant role in ensuring the crop meets its potential.

Di-ammonium phosphate or DAP provides phosphate (P) for germination and root development and nitrogen (N) for growth stimulation. The form of phosphate is that of water-soluble phosphate which is immediately available for plant uptake.

Drill DAP with the seed (in a separate box). Make sure there is no direct contact with the seed. Alternatively, broadcast fertiliser then incorporate into the soil just before sowing. If broadcasting, a higher application rate will be required.

Amounts of DAP depends on the crop but as a guide:
• Drill at 150-200kg/ha
• Broadcast at 250-300kg/ha

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Maintaining a large crop for stock feed

Nitrogen is a key driver of plant growth. Applying N helps the crop reach its agronomic potential. Low levels of N will adversely affect leaf development. However, applying too much N is not economic and risks causing harm to the environment i.e. volatilisation of nitrogen to the atmosphere.

SustaiN is the product of choice as it reduces N loss by volatilisation (N losses to the atmosphere). Reduced volatilisation means that more of the N applied is retained in the soil, where it can be used by plants. This provides ease of application - no need to wait for ideal rainfall conditions. SustaiN is made in New Zealand from local and imported ingredients.

Timing depends on the crop and the season but as a guide look to apply SustaiN at 65-80kg/ha, six and 12 weeks after planting.

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