Growing a lawn

Having a luscious lawn is a true labour of love but the results of that labour are a source of pride. The feeling when you walk barefoot across that manicured lawn is undeniably Kiwi. 

Here at Ballance we are dedicated to helping you achieve the perfect lawn. Read on for advice on how to establish your lawn and then how to maintain the green without the mowing.

Establishing a new lawn 

When planting a new lawn it is important to get your lawn off to the best start possible to help it to outcompete any weeds and to make sure you have that luscious lawn going forwards.

It is important to place phosphate (P) close to the seed to help it to quickly develop roots and shoots and calcium (Ca) is vital for the growing points (roots and tips).

Yaramila Complex provides a generous amount of both while also providing other nutrients which will aid in getting that lawn up and running.

Yaramila Complex

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Directions for use

  • At sowing apply 30g/m2 YaraMila Complex.
  • Distribute evenly and rake into soil with lawn seed.
  • Water in well.

Lawn Fertiliser

Maintaining an existing lawn

Once your lawn has been established the focus moves from rapid growth to promoting that lush green grass we all love to see! We do this by replenishing soil nutrients that are removed every time you mow (this is reduced if you mulch when you mow) and removing competition (weeds and moss).

Ballance’s Lawn Fertiliser with Moss Killer is the perfect product for lawn maintenance as its range of nutrients help to replenish and promote a healthy lawn. It also contains iron sulphate which helps to kill moss in your lawn (which should be raked out after it is killed and then re-sown with grass seed) and also helps to improve the greening of the grass.

When it comes to dealing with weeds in your lawn we recommend visiting one of our partner rural supply stores who will have the specialised products and advice for your situation.

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**Avoid letting Lawn Fertiliser with Moss Killer come into contact with concrete, stone, brick or tile garden paths as it may cause staining.**

Directions for use

  • Evenly spread 40-50 grams per square metre in spring and autumn. Be careful not to exceed the application rate as this may burn your lawn.
  • Apply prior to rain or water well after application.
  • For best results apply every 5-6 weeks during spring and autumn at 25 grams per square metre.

Storage and safety

Store unused fertiliser in a cool, dry place.

Read all special instructions and safety data on packaging before use.