Growing fruit, vegetables and ornamentals

Yaramila Complex

In order to grow healthily, plants need sunlight, carbon dioxide, water and nutrients. These nutrients include nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K), sulphur (S), magnesium (Mg) and calcium (Ca), plus a range of trace elements. While most soils have some of these nutrients, they don’t always have enough for plant growth. The nutrients get removed from the soil by plants and by natural biological and chemical activity.

As a result, nutrients need to be returned to the soil so that plants can grow successfully. Some nutrients can be added to soil in organic matter, e.g. when compost is dug in, but this may not supply enough of all the nutrients needed in a high producing garden. In these situations, more concentrated fertilisers are a good solution.

YaraMila Complex is particularly suitable for use on home gardens. It contains a full NPKS compound as well as a range of trace elements, including boron, iron, manganese and zinc. YaraMila Complex is imported into New Zealand from Norway. ‘Mila’ comes from an old Norse word that means success. YaraMila Complex is easy to use and provides very even nutrient delivery to plants.

Download our very handy fertiliser chart

Applying Fertiliser

  • Apply on damp soil
    Fertiliser should be applied to damp soil and watered in well. This helps to avoid the concentrated nutrients burning plant roots.
  • Avoid contact with plant
    Avoid applying fertiliser directly onto plants, and especially avoid contact with seeds and seedlings.
  • Apply little and often. Do not apply when too wet
    Rather than trying to apply a lot of fertiliser at once, apply little and often.

Storage and saftey

Store securely.

Store unused fertiliser in a cool, dry place.

Read all special instructions and safety data on packaging before use.