SustaiN a more predictable schedule

You’ll note in the regional charts supplied by NIWA (below), that the average rainfall in New Zealand from October to December doesn’t make for particularly great reading. Which isn’t helpful when you’re looking to boost your growth for the hot summer months.

Also, traditionally speaking, you need just the right amount of rain to fall around application to avoid a good portion of your nitrogen volatalising into ammonia gas. Unlike urea, SustaiN can be applied anytime, no matter what the weather may or may not do, giving you a wider application window. And once it’s on, because it’s protected by AGROTAIN®, you know the N is going to stay right where it should and get to work.

Average rainfall by region - supplied by NIWA:

 Makes you think doesn’t it? Just as well you can turn to SustaiN for more predictable results.