My Pasture Planner

Make every kilo of nitrogen count

My Pasture Planner has been developed in collaboration with AgResearch to help you optimise your nitrogen use, by applying clever science to your planning.

Using information specific to your farm such as your digital farm map, soil test data and regional pasture growth data, My Pasture Planner delivers:

An annual nitrogen fertiliser plan, tailored specifically to your farm
Optimised timing, rate and placement of applications
Easy comparisons of cost-benefits of your applied nitrogen against feed grown
Confidence that you’re meeting your farms’ feed requirements in the most efficient way possible
Assurance you are staying within evolving environmental requirements
A far more sustainable outcome

So give yourself the confidence you need to apply the right amount of product in the right place, at the right time in the most efficient way possible, contact your Ballance Nutrient Specialist or contact our Customer Services team on 0800 222 090

Laptop with MyBallance dashboard

Your farm at your fingertips

With MyBallance you can store all of your farm’s fertiliser information in one secure online location - allowing you to make more informed nutrient management decisions and place orders 24/7.

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