Boost your soil with PhaSedN Quick Start

Get set for spring

PhaSedN Quick Start is a great way to get your soil into great shape for spring. Applied from early to late winter (depending on your region), it’s the best option for an immediate sulphate and nitrogen boost that also slow-releases nutrients throughout the season.

Quick boost, slow release

PhasedN Quick Start gives your soil the best of all worlds. Sulphate sulphur and nitrogen give your soil a quick winter boost, with nutrients that are immediately available for plant uptake. While fine elemental sulphur, with its slow release properties, ensures this essential nutrient is supplied all winter long.

Why PhaSedN Quick Start?

Most New Zealand soils are low in sulphur, and this is especially true throughout winter, when rainfall is higher. Plants need sulfate sulphur to grow, and PhasedN Quick Start gives soil the quick hit it needs to optimise the growth potential of your pastures throughout the cooler months and into spring.

The addition of elemental sulphur in super-fine particles means a longer-term source of sulphur that’s resistant to leaching during the wetter months.

And the addition of our SustaiN blend means that nitrogen leaching is reduced by around 50%, which is beneficial for the environment and great for your soil come Spring.

Ideal for:

Low sulphur soils, high rainfall areas where there’s risk of sulphur leaching over winter, areas high in phosphate but low in sulphur and nitrogen or efluent blocks requiring tactical nitrogen and sulphur.