PhaSedN Quick Start

PhaSedN Quick Starts unique formulation contains SustaiN, fine elemental sulphur and sulphate of ammonia.

Apply late May through to September to cover nitrogen and sulphur needs for winter and early spring. The nitrogen and sulphate-sulphur gives your pasture an immediate boost, while the slow release fine elemental sulphur provides a long-term sulphur source to ensure a high quality supply of pasture.

‚ÄčIdeal for low sulphur soils, high rainfall areas where there’s risk of sulphur leaching over winter, areas high in phosphate but low in sulphur and nitrogen or effluent blocks requiring tactical nitrogen and sulphur.

Product Benefits
  • A single application of two forms of both nitrogen and sulphur
  • Readily available sulphur addresses immediate sulphur deficiencies, ensuring sulphur doesn’t limit nitrogen response
  • Fine elemental sulphur that does not leach
  • SustaiN reduces nitrogen volatilisation losses by approximately 50%* meaning more nitrogen stays in the soil

*Halves the amount of nitrogen lost as ammonia, compared to urea.

N 31.49
P 0.0
K 0.0
S 17.09
Mg 0.0
Ca 2.34

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