SustaiN 25K

SustaiN 25K is a blend of SustaiN and muriate of potash, designed for use when you need to boost growth and replenish potassium levels at the same time.
It is particularly suited to soils prone to potassium leaching, e.g. pumice, sands and coarse-textured soils.

Use late spring and summer to promote clover health and extend production. It is also ideal for hay and silage paddocks to promote recovery after harvest or for dairy farms with high potassium requirements that require multiple applications.

This is an ideal product to apply to lift potassium levels as part of a wider fertiliser programme. 

Product Benefits

  • A single application of SustaiN (N) and potassium (K)
  • SustaiN reduces nitrogen losses by approximately 50% meaning more nitrogen stays in the soil
  • Provides ease of application - no need to wait for ideal rainfall conditions
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