Ballance celebrates World Soil Day with a shipment of phosphate rock from Australia

Ballance Agri-Nutrients is pleased to advise that its first shipment of phosphate rock from Centrex subsidiary, Agriflex’s mine in Ardmore was loaded from the Port of Townsville on Monday, 5 December (World Soil Day).

This shipment follows an initial feasibility trial of a small parcel of rock in July 2018. The trial shipment, and as the Ardmore project came to fruition, provided the confidence to work closely with Centrex. 
“For some time, we’ve been looking to diversify our source of phosphate rock, a critical mineral required to maintain healthy soils, and find a source closer to New Zealand to help mitigate supply chain disruptions”, says Shane Dufaur, Ballance GM: Operations & Supply Chain.
“Our security of supply for phosphate rock has been under a huge amount of pressure over the last 12 months, we’ve had to navigate many curve balls, some we expected, and others we didn’t.”
“In August Ballance representatives visited Centrex in Australia, to understand both supply chain and ESG alignment, which was very positive and as a result we have prioritised this additional rock source.”
Ballance expects to schedule further shipments over the course of 2023 and beyond, following a successful production trial of the current consignment. 
It’s impossible to overstate the importance of good soil health, it’s the very foundation for the high-quality food produced in New Zealand, as such the country needs to maintain surety of supply for critical minerals. The theme of this year’s World Soil Day reflects this – Soils, where food begins.
When we get the balance right, healthy soil grows healthy food, protects our water quality and even helps reduce greenhouse gases. 
Centrex CEO Robert Mencel says that “Ardmore’s phosphate rock sets a new environmental standard. Its natural ultra-low cadmium level eliminates the risk of heavy metal soil contamination and helps to maintain soil health.  Agriflex’ s unique solar drying process utilises the sun’s energy to naturally dry the product, eliminating the most significant carbon emission stage of phosphate rock production.  It’s very high grade and Australia’s proximity to New Zealand directly lowers carbon transport emissions on a  %P basis.”
The primary role of Ballance is to provide an affordable and reliable supply of nutrients to farmers and growers. Farmers and growers are constantly adapting and evolving, and so is Ballance, for the prosperity of all New Zealanders. 
“Together, by working with suppliers closer to home such as Centrex, we can continue to produce the best products in the world with the lightest environmental footprint”, says Shane. 


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