In addition to the significant economic contribution we make to agriculture’s bottom line, we are also supporting our local communities with six manufacturing plants located right here in New Zealand.

100% NZ Owned and Operated Farm Fertiliser and Feed Operations
In addition to the significant economic contribution we make to agriculture’s bottom line, we are also supporting our local communities with six manufacturing plants located right here in New Zealand.



Ballance has two plants that manufacture phosphate fertiliser products at Mount Maunganui and Awarua. Together, the plants produce approximately 800,000 tonnes of fertiliser each year. Manufacturing processes are continuously revised to ensure optimum efficiencies are achieved.

Common goals for our superphosphate manufacturing plants are set in areas of safety, environmental management, quality, energy efficiency and stock management.

Targets in all areas are driven by frontline determination to satisfy the basic chemical need to provide plants with nutrients, customers with service, and maintain capability to cover the peak demands of transport and spreading industries.

Mount Maunganui Plant
Located close to Tauranga’s deep-water harbour, the Ballance plant at Mount Maunganui is ideally situated to receive shipments of raw and manufactured materials from around the world. The Mount plant processes phosphate rock from around the world, reacting it with sulphuric acid to produce a superphosphate range of products. The process generates heat, which is captured, converted into electricity and used to power the site, with excess being fed into the National Grid.

Awarua Plant 
Ballance’s only South Island fertiliser manufacturing plant sits at Awarua, south of Invercargill. This plant was built in the late 1950's to service farmers in Southland. Today, its products are distributed throughout the South Island. In 2005, the site won the corporate division of the Southland Environmental Awards in recognition of its excellent environmental remediation and protection programmes. 



Kapuni Plant 
Ballance owns the country’s only ammonia-urea manufacturing plant, which is located at Kapuni, in Taranaki. This high-tech plant operates to stringent international standards, converting atmospheric nitrogen to ammonia and then to urea. The natural gas used to power this plant is sourced from the nearby Maui gas field. 

Animal feed 
With manufacturing sites in Morrinsville and Wanganui in the North Island and Ashburton in the South Island, SealesWinslow supplies custom blended pelletised feed to farmers throughout New Zealand. In addition the company produces feedblocks, milk additives, silage inoculants and mycotoxin neutralisers. 

In order to maintain product quality, the mills have developed effective quality control systems that cover raw material sourcing, formulations, manufacturing, storage, transport and finished product testing. 

Morrinsville Mill 
Established in 1968, the Morrinsville site was at one stage New Zealand’s largest independent feed mill. With just under two million dairy cows within 160km of the site, the mill is well positioned to supply feed to farmers in the Waikato region and beyond. Investing for growth, in 2007 a new $16 million feed mill in Morrinsville was commissioned, providing a four-fold lift in capacity and including the very latest state of the art technology out of Europe and Canada. 

Wanganui Mill 
SealesWinslow’s newest feed mill opened for business in Wanganui in 2013 following a multimillion dollar project to upgrade an old stock feed mill. The plant is capable of producing blends and pellets, as well as kibbling maize. With production reaching 12 to 15 tonnes per hour, the Wanganui mill is the biggest and fastest of the SealesWinslow plants. It also utilises state-of-the-art control systems to manage product integrity and quality control. 

Ashburton Mill 
The Ashburton feed mill was initially established as a specialist ruminant feed mill to supply the growing demands of the dairy industry. Today it continues to feature as a leading New Zealand producer of high quality stock feeds for calves, dairy cows, cattle and sheep servicing SealesWinslow’s southernmost customers.