Once manufactured, products are distributed to stores throughout the country, so that the distance to farm gate is shortened.



Ballance has two strategies for its distribution. In some 39 locations across New Zealand it has built service centres, dedicated facilities for the storage and redistribution of fertiliser, both in bulk and bagged form. Service centres are manned by Ballance staff, and the larger stores often include mixing plants for the supply of blended product, bagging facilities and weighbridges for accurate loading of trucks.

In addition to service centres, Ballance has consignment stores in many locations through the country. These stores are not owned by Ballance, but are operated on a lease basis. Store owners stock a range of products that meet the main demands of farmers in the region.
Ballance also owns the agricultural aviation company Super Air, which is based in Hamilton and services the upper half of the North Island. One of New Zealand's largest agricultural aviation companies, Super Air has 16 full-time and two part-time pilots and operates mainly Fletcher aircraft powered by either a Pratt & Whitney engine or a Walter engine. All its main top-dressing aircraft are fitted with differential GPS systems that help improve the accuracy of aerial fertiliser spreading.
At the front line of Ballance is a team of highly trained field consultants and business extension specialists, whose main function is to give their farmer customers credible, reliable advice on their nutrient needs. Ballance reps frequently have both a farming background and a tertiary degree in an agricultural subject and are always well qualified to make fertiliser recommendations.