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26th February 2018

Take a listen to Environmental Management Specialist - Ian Power as he discusses Minimising Nitrogen Leaching.


Here’s what Ian shares with you:

  • Council expectations. What is the policy process?  How can you check the requirements of your district?
  • The main sources of nitrogen loss. They may not be what you expect!
  • What you can do to minimise your nitrogen losses? Some practical tips you could implement on farm.



 About the Presenter:

Ian joined the Science Extension team at Ballance in 2012, and is responsible for training staff in the use of OVERSEER, and for turning the science behind nutrient management into practical concepts you can use on-farm.

Ian was brought up in rural Waikato. He has a Master’s degree from Waikato University. Previously, he worked as a scientist for AgResearch where he was involved in fertilisers, nutrient management, indigenous biodiversity and OVERSEER.