Move your business forward with a highly accurate farm map.

A onetime investment in an accurate farm map provides instant and enduring returns. Add value across your whole business from planning to recording (proof of application), decision support, compliance, Health & Safety, benchmarking and more.


  • Greater precision means better decision making
  • An accurate farm map is a key communication tool to farm staff and contractors

Your land is the foundation from which the entire operation runs. Having precise information about your land enables you to maximise your farms potential through improved farm management, planning and budgeting. 
Using these maps farmers and growers can utilise precision farming technology to optimise farm inputs and target applications, allowing an improvement in production and returns.
Ballance Mapping Services offer two map types: Aerial and GPS maps. Our Ballance Nutrient Specialists can help you to decide which type is best for your farm.


❱❱ High resolution/high definition imagery – acquired by plane or drone
❱❱ Accuracy - 30cm horizontal, 60cm vertical 
❱❱ Elevation data (slope and contour) collected enabling accurate surface area calculations

Ideal for:
❱❱ Flat or rolling country where high quality imagery is required
❱❱ Hill country
❱❱ Farm Environment Plans or compliance planning 


❱❱ Highly accurate 5cm horizontal, 20cm vertical.
❱❱ No imagery is acquired by plane or drone
❱❱ Elevation data (slope and contour) is not collected so surface area cannot be calculated
❱❱ If background imagery is required, basic LINZ imagery can be used, however LINZ data may be outdated and inaccurate

Ideal for:
❱❱ Flat or rolling country where imagery isn't required
❱❱ Horticulture
❱❱ Arable
❱❱ Where precision spreading and planting technologies are used


Ballance have partnered nationally with one mapping provider, GPS-it, which enables us to deliver a cost-competitive, accurate and fast mapping service.
GPS-it started providing mapping services to customers back in 1998. 19 years of mapping has provided GPS-it with a wealth of knowledge and are the industry experts.
Your local Ballance Nutrient Specialist will guide you through the decision-making and ordering process and provide on the spot quotes. Once the map order is placed, a GPS-it representative will be in touch within 7 working days to arrange the data capture.
You can expect a draft map to review within 30 working days of the map order being placed.
Simple pricing approach based on your farms location, hectares and mapped areas. 
Once the map is produced, farmers will receive a PDF farm map via email.
If you would like whiteboards, physical maps and pads these are available to order.



The journey to accuracy starts with data capture out in the field, followed by map generation back at GPS-it. 

Data Capture
Data capture for Aerial maps is generally done by plane but in some cases, GPS-it will use a UAV/drone. Once the farm has been flown, a Surveyor from the GPS-it team will call you to confirm a time they can come on farm to take some reference points.
Data capture for a GPS maps requires GPS-Surveyors on farm to take survey points along fence lines, races and drains.
Map Generation
You will be sent a draft map to verify the accuracy, make any changes, add paddock names or numbers and add specific features.
Once you have signed off the final version of your map, GPS-it will email you your farm map in PDF format and organise the despatch of your consumables. The map file is retained on file for continued data maintenance.
Contact your Nutrient Specialist or call Ballance on 0800 900 222

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