Nutrigro 13K

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Nutrigro 13K has been developed to meet the fertiliser requirements of most small blocks and lifestyle farms.

Nutrigro 13K provides nitrogen (N) for chlorophyll production - growth, phosphorus (P) for energy, potassium (K) for water and electrical balance in plants and sulphur (S) to aid chlorophyll production along with cobalt (Co) and selenium (Se) for animal health.

It contains the key macro nutrients and trace elements required by most soils promotes growth and maintains soil nutrient levels.

Potassium (K) is included to optimise clover growth for high quality feed and K replacement post hay and silage removal.

The only way to be sure of your fertiliser and lime requirements is to take soil and herbage tests. Soil tests on small blocks should be taken once every three years, at least three months after the last application of fertiliser or lime. 

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Applying fertiliser

  • Soil temperature
    Apply when conditions favour grass growth at a soil temperature of between 10 - 20 degrees.
  • Do not apply during winter
    Nutrigro 13K should not be applied in the winter as plant growth is too slow to take advantage of the nutrients.
  • Do not apply when too wet
    Fertiliser should not be applied when soils are saturated with water or when heavy rain is forecast in order to minimise the risk of nutrient loss through leaching and run-off.
  • 10 Day gap before letting livestock graze
    Care must also be taken to avoid impacts on stock. If animals ingest phosphate fertiliser, they can succumb to fluorosis, also known as phosphate poisoning. To minimise the chance of this occurring, try to allow a 10-day gap between fertiliser application and putting stock back on the land to graze.
  • Hazard precautions
    Please note dust can accumulate during transport and handling of the product. This dust should be treated as a hazard during handling and spreading. Wear suitable protective clothing, including gloves, and avoid breathing the dust.
  • Avoid waterways
    Avoid placement near waterways. Fertiliser should not be applied when soils are saturated with water, or when heavy rain is forecast.
    Further advice on good spreading practice can be found at

Storage and safety

To maintain product quality. Nutrigro 13K should be stored in cool, dry conditions, Nutrigro 13K should not be stored for a prolonged period.

Read all special instructions and safety data on packaging before use.