Serpentine Super 10K

Serpentine Super 10K is blended with muriate of potash to create a general-purpose maintenance fertiliser that is ideal for use in a range of pastoral situations.

The high proportion of citric acid-soluble phosphate in these products make them useful in conditions where phosphate run-off is a concern.

The use of muriate of potash means these products are not suitable for use on chloride-sensitive crops.

Product Benefits
  • Ideal for use as a maintenance fertiliser in a range of pastoral settings
  • Contains a very high proportion of citric acid-soluble phosphate, which is slowly released for plant uptake
  • Reduces the chance of phosphate loss through run-off or leaching
  • Provides a long-term supply of slowly released magnesium
  • May be blended with selected products, including trace elements
  • Fertmark-registered
N 0.0
P 5.44
K 10.0
S 6.8
Mg 4.0
Ca 13.2

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$619.00/ T (ex GST)

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