Serpentine Super

Serpentine Super is a magnesium-fortified superphosphate product, manufactured at our Mount Maunganui and Awarua plants.

The phosphorus, sulphur and magnesium that it contains are readily available to plants, and the product is free of residual acid, which makes it suitable for use when fertiliser needs to be sown "down the spout" with seed. 

Product Benefits

  • Ideal for use as a maintenance fertiliser in a range of pastoral settings
  • Suitable for drilling with seed
  • Contains a very high proportion of citric acid-soluble phosphate, which is slowly released for plant uptake
  • Reduces the chance of phosphate loss through run-off or leaching
  • Provides a long-term supply of slowly released magnesium
  • May be blended with selected products, including trace elements
  • Fertmark-registered
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