Nrich SOA

Nrich SOA is a widely used fertiliser that is manufactured overseas and imported into New Zealand.

Nrich SOA is frequently used alone, but it may be blended with non-reactive fertilisers, e.g. Nrich Urea, MOP, DAP and Serpentine Super.

It must not be blended with lime, dicalcics or dolomite, as there is a risk of ammonia gas being produced.

Product Benefits

  • A good source of nitrogen and sulphate sulphur
  • Ideal for strategic nitrogen applications to pastures in early spring
  • Prevents low soil sulphur levels limiting pasture responses to nitrogen
  • A first-choice product when soils have suffered from minor flooding or waterlogging
  • Traditionally used alone, but may be blended with selected products
  • Easily applied by groundspread truck or farm bike spreader
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