Kieserite Granular

Kieserite Granular is an excellent source of fast-release magnesium and sulphur, both of which are present in their water-soluble form.

Kieserite Granular is particularly useful in alleviating acute magnesium deficiencies in high-value crops, for example, horticultural crops.

Product Benefits
  • Formulated for use a standalone fertiliser, but may be blended with selected products
  • Provides soluble magnesium and sulphate, ensuring a rapidly available supply for growing plants
  • Ideal for correcting deficiencies in crops
  • Good-quality, granular product, suitable for broadcasting or drilling next to the seed
N 0.0
P 0.0
K 0.0
S 18.0
Mg 15.0
Ca 0.0

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$832.00/ T (ex GST)

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