YaraMila Complex

YaraMila Complex is a complete, balanced package of plant nutrients presented in an easy-to-handle prilled form.

All the nutrients in YaraMila Complex are present in equal quantities in every prill, so there is no risk of uneven application or segregation. As a result, crop growth is more uniform.

YaraMila Complex is typically used in high-value horticultural crops.

Product Benefits
  • Provides all the major nutrients required by plants, plus four trace elements
  • Each granule contains the same ratio of nutrients, supporting even crop establishment and growth
  • Suitable for a variety of uses, before, during or after sowing
  • Formulated as a standalone fertiliser, but may be blended with selected products
  • Free-flowing, easy to handle and spread
  • May be broadcast or drilled
N 12.0
P 5.0
K 15.0
S 8.0
Mg 1.6
Ca 2.5

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$1,450.00/ T (ex GST)

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