Cropzeal 15P contains soluble phosphate and nitrogen in the ammonium form.

It is suitable for crops where soil Olsen P levels are low (less than 15 in the top 150 mm), especially if the crops are shallow-rooted brassicas such as turnips and swedes.

It is also ideal when the starter fertiliser needs to be low in sulphur, e.g. when brassicas are being grown in soils with low sulphur availability - adding sulphur in this situation promotes the formation of SMCOs.

Product Benefits
  • Formulated for use a standalone fertiliser, but may be blended with selected products
  • Provides soluble phosphate, ensuring a rapidly available supply for growing plants
  • Low in sulphur and high in phosphorus, so ideal for brassicas going into land with low sulphur levels
  • Easily applied by groundspread truck or farm bike spreader
N 13.2
P 15.0
K 12.5
S 0.75
Mg 0.0
Ca 0.0

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