PastureSure Balancer (NI)

PastureSure Balancer tends to be used as a spring maintenance fertiliser on dairy farms that have a low magnesium requirement.

We have combined our two most sustainable products: SustaiN and SurePhos, to bring you a range of NPKS blends for your farm.

The macro-nutrients in the mix support soil fertility, replacing nutrients removed in milk and crops. The nitrogen helps to boost pasture growth, providing additional feed early in the milking season.

Available in the North Island only.

Product Benefits
  • Ideal for use as a spring maintenance fertiliser on dairy farms with a low magnesium requirement
  • Provides all of the major nutrients typically required in a pastoral setting
  • Includes nitrogen in the form of SustaiN, to boost pasture growth in spring or early autumn
  • Suitable for application by groundspread or aerial top-dressing
N 6.0
P 5.9
K 6.0
S 7.1
Mg 1.5
Ca 16.5

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$652.00/ T (ex GST)

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