SuperN6 is designed to provide capital P inputs alongside N inputs. It can be applied in a single or multiple applications.

The SuperN range is designed to overcome the challenges of blending urea-based nitrogen products with superphosphates.

Traditional urea-superphosphate blends carry a high risk of incompatibility due to the tendency of urea products to absorb moisture from the air.

SuperN’s improved magnesium oxide coating overcomes its hygroscopicity, making it compatible for blending with superphosphate-based fertilisers and a wide range of other products.

This provides more control over the amount and type of nutrients applied in a single application, helping to meet productivity goals, and providing confidence that N inputs are managed efficiently and within compliance limits.

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Directions for use

Typical application rates, depending on the farm system, are 300-500 kg/ha.

For more information about using SuperN for the best results, contact your Nutrient Specialist or the Ballance Customer Services team on 0800 222 090.

N 6.26
P 7.74
K 0.0
S 9.46
Mg 0.18
Ca 18.92

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$548.00/ T (ex GST)

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