YaraLiva Nitrabor (Calcium Nitrate)

YaraLiva Nitrabor is a fast-acting calcium nitrate fertiliser especially formulated for crops requiring extra boron or for soils that are low in boron. It can be clearly distinguished from other nitrate grades by its light yellow colour.

Every granule contains the same ratio of nitrogen and boron, ensuring even distribution through the crop.

YaraLiva Nitrabor is best suited to high-value horticultural crops or situations where soil boron levels are low.

Product Benefits
  • Each granule contains the same ratio of nutrients, supporting even crop establishment and growth
  • Has a low risk of crop scorch
  • Ideal for use as a final side-dressing on horticultural crops
  • Formulated as a standalone fertiliser, but may be blended with selected products
  • Free-flowing, easy to handle and spread
  • May be broadcast or drilled 
N 15.4
P 0.0
K 0.0
S 0.0
Mg 0.0
Ca 18.3

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$1,205.00/ T (ex GST)

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