Calmag - Granulated

Granulated Calmag is a superior, fertiliser-grade calcined magnesite suitable for use in pastoral systems, in both maintenance and capital applications. It may also be used in horticultural and arable systems, but is not suitable for rapidly remedying acute magnesium deficiencies, as it is considered a slow-release fertiliser.

It comprises consistently sized, spherical granules, which give it excellent spreading and physical compatibility characteristics.

Product Benefits
  • Ideal for use as a maintenance Magnesium fertiliser in a range of pastoral and cropping settings
  • Provides a long-term supply of slowly released magnesium
  • May be blended with selected products, including trace elements
  • Well granulated
N 0.0
P 0.0
K 0.0
S 0.0
Mg 38.0
Ca 1.7

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$895.00/ T (ex GST)

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