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At Ballance you will find real people making a real difference to New Zealand farmers and our country’s role in sustainable food production.

Ballance actively seeks employees who can make a positive contribution to the company.

We offer a wide variety of career choices for people interested in helping to maintain the agricultural excellence for which New Zealand is famous. At the frontline of the company are various Nutrient Specialists, who work closely with farmers to develop plant nutrient programmes that deliver results without harming the environment.

Supporting the Nutrient Specialists are service centre staff, who work with farmers, groundspreaders and cartage companies, supplying them with the fertiliser they have ordered. Behind the scenes there are many other staff, including people working in research and science, manufacturing, administration, customer services, information technology, finance, marketing, and a range of specialist tradespeople, such as engineers and electricians.

Current Vacancies

Nutrient Specialist

Nutrient Specialist

Fertiliser Store Operator

Environmental Manager

Fertiliser Store Operator

Regional Sales Manager

Hub Operator

Nutrient Specialist

LMS content Developer

Production Coordinator

Hort & Arable Specialist

Executive Assistant

Stores Person

Purchasing Supervisor

Nutrient Specialist

Acidulation Operator

Service Centre Operator - Seasonal

Nutrient Specialist