Nitrogen reporting made easy

We're here to help you with nitrogen reporting 

At Ballance, we’re here to help with tools, technology and advice to help make nitrogen reporting as easy possible. We’ve put together a complete guide to nitrogen reporting – it’s well worth taking a look.

Key Dates

  • 1 July - 30 June Reporting period for all nitrogen fertiliser use
  • 31 July Nitrogen reporting due

If you’re already using MyBallance, it’s easy to get started

Step 1:Upload your map
Get your digital map set up in MyBallance, if you haven’t already.



Step 2:Define land use
Use your map to define land use across your farm - pasture, grazed crops, harvested crops, and non-productive areas. It’s easy to change these whenever you need to.


Step 3:Record Proof of Application Data
If you use a contractor to spread your fertiliser, ideally every time you place an order, you also Request Spreading which will allow your POA data to automatically flow to MyBallance if you have a TracMap or Precision subscription. Or you can submit POA manually for past orders.

Step 4:Generate your report
You are now ready to generate your nitrogen report.


Your step-by-step guide to nitrogen reporting

Please note due to demand we are no longer able to import POA for this reporting season

Still have questions?

See our nitrogen reporting FAQs here