Contaminants, bacteria and water quality

Protecting our waterways is a huge issue when it comes to sustainable agriculture. As herd farmers, we have a unique responsibility to minimise the impact of effluent and animal waste on the waterways that run through our properties.
MitAgator combines cutting-edge geospatial technology with experienced and knowledgeable people, to give you a deeper understanding of how to maxmise your effluent usage, while minimising your environmental footprint.
MitAgator can help you identify your farm’s Critical Source Areas (CSAs) to ensure that your effluent and waste management practice is environmentally and economically sustainable.
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Nutrient retention

Helping your land to hold on to nutrients plays a vital role in keeping it healthy and productive. MitAgator can give you sound insights into the strengths and weaknesses of your farm, identifying which soil is already well-equipped to do the job well, and how you can maximise this information.

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Sediment and soil erosion

Sediment control is a huge issue that affects all New Zealanders, but as farmers we can actually do something positive and proactive. MitAgator can help you understand how to keep your soil from slipping and polluting waterways.

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How Rick Burke balanced sustainability with profitability

Rick and his wife Jan of Pukekauri Farms farm 310 hectares North of Tauranga in the Bay of Plenty. Twenty years ago, when he bought his farm, it was a major contributor to sediment pollution in the Tauranga Harbour. Today the water quality on his farm is ranked 9 out of 10 and his operation is more profitable than ever. So who better to explain why MitAgator is so valuable.

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