At Ballance, we take pride in looking after our people, the communities we work in, and the environment.

As a co-operative we recognise that our business is founded on shared natural resources, so a healthy environment, now and in the future, is integral to our growth. 

We strive to ensure that our leadership, products, services and operational responsibilities are recognised as being of the highest health, safety and environmental standard – at all times. We see this as critical to the long-term success of our business.
Our three key safety, health and environment objectives recognise that our performance is embedded within the international “farm-to-plate” supply chain.
  1. Our operational objective is to ensure that we operate our business at all times in a manner that results in zero harm to people or the environment.
  2. Our research and development objective is to increase the productive capacity of the primary sector while reducing environmental impacts.
  3. Our community objective is to be recognised by the farming community as leaders of the utmost integrity for health, safety and environmental stewardship.
Environmental expectations are higher than they have ever been, especially when it comes to preserving our water quality. As a result, farmers are increasingly looking for ways to achieve nutrient efficiencies in their operation.
Ballance consultants use sophisticated agronomic software models to translate soil nutrient test results to paddock specific customised nutrient blends. 
Farm nutrient budgets and nutrient management plan documents are produced to provide assurance that optimal quantities of nutrients are being applied to land.
We’re here to help our customers get the balance right, advising on sustainable nutrient management practices and providing environmentally friendly products and services.